Seriously Good Venison

Nichola at a Farmers market


Nichola and her husband John Fletcher started Britain's very first deer farm over 30 years ago, as a reaction against the problems they found with livestock production in the early 1970s. 




Venison steakThey write:

    "Our nomination for a Slow Food Award recognised 30 years of striving to produce venison of superb quality, whilst also ensuring that our deer are humanely reared in a free ranging environment which has not been sprayed with chemicals. Our deer are finished on only grass, hay and root crops. They do not go to an abattoir but are humanely slaughtered in the field. We mature our venison for 2-3 weeks for superb flavour & texture. All our products are free from artificial additives. We use no wheat products in our sausages. We are also happy to advise on cooking and serving venison."