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"However far back you may go in time, the gastronomical value of food always outweighs its alimentary value, and it is in joy, not in pain, that man has found his spirit."  Gaston Bachelard. 

nichola1Nichola is a member of the Guild of Food Writers.

She wrote her first book "Venison, The Monarch of the Table" in 1983. After that, her interest extended to all game, and in 1987 published "Game for All" which remained in print for 19 years. She also edited a third book, "Perfect Venison" and co-authored "The Poultry and Game Buyers Guide" as well as contributing to many other authors' collections.

In 2004, after many years of research, she published "Charlemagne's Tablecloth; a piquant history of feasting" – a food history book in contrast to her previous cookery books. This won an international silver award at Cannes as well as being shortlisted for Best Food Book in the Guild of Foodwriters Awards in 2005. It has also been published in America, Finland, and China.

In 2007 she published her major work "Nichola Fletcher's Ultimate Venison Cookery". This long-awaited book won the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards prize for "Best single subject book in the world" in 2008. 

For many years Nichola was the food and drink correspondent for the Scottish Landowners' Federation journal, and for several years was a regular contributor to the Financial Times Weekend Food & Drink pages; she writes freelance for other magazines.

She continues to write about food, from meat preparation (The Meat Cookbook), to sausages (Sausage), to caviar (Caviar, a Global History), and beyond. Her books continue to win awards, a testament to her knowledge and to the quality of her writing.

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