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The Scottish Oats Bible

Oats Bible Cover-1

Oats are one of Scotland's most iconic foods and their versatile qualities are once again being appreciated. The perfect grain for a wheat-free diet, oats have many health benefits. But they also pair deliciously with many other ingredients and their flavour and texture make intriguing variations on other traditional dishes such as oatmeal shortbread or oatmeal pancakes.

In this imaginative book, award-winning food writer Nichola Fletcher presents 50 recipes both traditional and innovative. The sections – breakfasts, savoury dishes, desserts, baking, drinks and beauty – include Mussel brose, Pheasant breasts with bacon skirlie, Orange and cardamom oatmeal custard, and Oatmeal smoothies, not forgetting porridge, haggis, Knotty Tams and oatcakes. Through them all, oats take centre stage.

The Venison Bible
Published by Birlinn 2015

Venison Bible

A delightful little book with fail-safe instructions for the different cooking methods: grilling, frying, roasting and slow-cooking. 

Although small, there are over 40 recipes, including a much-requested section on what to serve with venison that covers flavour and texture pairings.  Add in the quirky drawings and it makes the perfect stocking filler or small gift.

£4.99 + p&p

The Meat Cookbook
Published by Dorling Kindersley 2014

The Meat Cookbook130

This book covers everything you need to know about meat and poultry: how it is produced, discussions on the ethics of eating meat, what to look for when buying it, how to prepare it, curing and smoking it, basic cooking techniques, what to serve with it, reducing the costs, and a step-by-step home butchery course to help you to fully prepare sheep, pigs, deer, rabbits, game birds and beef with a section on making sausages.

Plus 300 fully tested recipes.

SAUSAGE A country by country photographic guide
Published by Dorling Kindersley 2012


Wursts, salamis, saucissons, kielbasa, merguez, chorizos, bangers, snags, black puddings, haggis and more. This book is a tour around the world exploring the delightful world of the sausage in all its shapes, sizes, colours, lengths, and of course flavours, from the reindeer sausage of Norway to the bean starch sausage of China.  Each entry is photographed, and so you can see the difference between the hard dried salami speckled with fat, the fresh, gleaming British banger, the chequered Blok Ozorgowy, the bulbous boutefas and the delicate white boudin blanc.

The directory comprises around 330 sausages, and there is also a comprehensive section of recipes. For anyone who wants to have a go at making them at home, Nichola takes you through the five basic types of sausage in easy-to-manage stages guaranteed to produce successful results.

£14.99 plus P&P

CAVIAR; A Global History, 2010
Published by Reaction Books


Nichola's 'Caviar' is one of the four of Reaction's 'Edible' titles that won the prestigious André Simon Award in 2011.

Piquant, luxurious and decadent, caviar is renowned the world over. In this story of greed, indulgence and ultimately, hope, Nichola Fletcher takes the reader on many journeys:  to the heyday of caviar in Tsarist Russia; to the 'caviar rush' in 19th century America; to Iran; to Europe in the Roaring Twenties;  and to the environmental catastrophe in the Caspian Sea in the 1990s.

Overzealous entrepreneurs, as well as illegal fishing and black-market trade in the post-Soviet Caspian states, all contributed to the plight of wild sturgeon, the victim of our insatiable desire for caviar. But there are practical solutions to over fishing: the development of sustainable sturgeon farming and the alternatives to sturgeon roe – so that it is now possible to enjoy caviar with a clear conscience.

It would be easy to write caviar off as an out-of-date and unsustainable indulgence, but at the story is far more interesting and complex than that. There is hope for the future, and we may now consume with gusto one of life's most opulent foods.

£9.99 plus P&P

With Nichola Fletcher, 2010

Venison Masterclass150

A complete Masterclass on how to cook venison
2 set DVD, running time approximately 4 hours, with recipes

If you have ever been nervous of cooking venison or unsure of what flavours to use, this is a 'must have' DVD. You will learn how easy it is to make mouth-watering venison dishes that will impress your family and friends. In this 4 -hour film, the different cuts and joints of venison and how to select the most suitable piece for every style of meal are all explained.

The DVD is packed full of fantastic tips on cooking venison in both traditional and contemporary ways. A wealth of reliable information on spices, vegetables, flavour pairings and cooking methods will help you to bring out the very best from your meat. 19 delicious venison recipes are demonstrated in easy to follow, step by step detail.

This DVD will benefit cooks at every level of experience, from beginners to professional chefs.

£10.00 plus P&P

Published by Dorling Kindersley 2010


For anyone who appreciates good food, this has to be their kitchen companion – a definitive visual reference to help the cook how to choose ingredients, learn the best cooking techniques, and try out exciting new flavour pairings.

Nichola Fletcher wrote the five meat chapters for this impressive tome: Poultry, meat, game, offal and cured meat.  Other sections cover: fish & seafood; vegetables; herbs; nuts & seeds; spices; dairy & eggs; fruits; grains, rice & pasta; and oils vinegars & flavourings.

Ultimate Venison Cookery

Venison book cover-2

This is no ordinary cookery book but the sharing of a lifetime's experience.  A delicious book to read and savour, this is also an eminently practical manual for cutting, preparing and - most importantly - cooking venison to perfection.  As well as running her own upmarket venison business, Nichola is an award-winning food writer and historian, cook, lecturer, and practical teacher.  Communicating directly with novices and old hands alike, she understands exactly what it is they want to know about venison.

Nichola's fascination with deer and their place in our cuisine is reflected throughout the book, as are some of the myths that have sprung up around venison. In dispelling these prejudices, she shows how easy it is to cook venison once these issues are explained and understood, and she explains why venison fits so perfectly into our current lifestyle.  Free-ranging and healthy, lean and full of flavour, it makes sensational rich winter dishes.  It is also perfect for light, quick cooking, simple and succulent - fast food for gourmets, beginners, and summer eating at its best.

This is a book that will appeal not only to the experienced gourmet wanting to conquer a new subject but also to the inexperienced who want to cook venison successfully, and to the artisan producer or hunter wanting to make best use of their deer carcase.  Nichola Fletcher illustrates the book with her distinctive drawings and diagrams.

 £20.00 within UK (Hardback)


Gourmand award2

At a champagne ceremony in London's Olympia, Nichola Fletcher's authoritative venison was recognised by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards as
Best Single Subject Cookery Book in the World.

A misunderstood meat
Accepting her award, Nichola said, 'I am thrilled that my book has been singled out for such an honour. I believe that venison is one of the most misunderstood meats of all; so much wrong information has been written about it. It has been my life's work to reveal venison in its true colours – a wonderfully healthy, humanely produced meat that does not destroy the environment and that is actually really easy to cook.'

1001 Foods; the greatest Gastronomic Sensations on Earth.

1001 foods

Nichola Fletcher wrote the Poultry and Game chapter for
1001 Foods; the greatest Gastronomic Sensations on Earth. Pavilion, 2007

Charlemagne's Tablecloth

Charlemagnes Tablecloth

Nichola won a Gourmet Voice Media Award in Cannes for this book in 2004, and it was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2005 Food Book of the Year

Charlemagne's Tablecloth; a piquant history of feasting. Published 2004, Weidenfeld & Nicolson in association with Peter Crawley.
£20 + P&P - Now only £9.99

A fascinating account of why and how we feast, eminently Gourmet Voice awardreadable and informative. 

Nichola won a Gourmet Voice Media Award in Cannes for this book.

"Four stars. This is an essential book for anyone who likes food" Mail on Sunday.
"... an irresistible combination of haute cuisine and high-mindedness ... that deserves a Michelin rosette." The Spectator.
"This delicious volume is a splendid goulash of historical incidents, anecdotes, culinary customs, myths, and more or less anything else that has taken the author's fancy ... The range of Nichola Fletcher's research and scholarship is impressive." Scotland on Sunday 

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Charlemagnes Tablecloth in PaperBack

Charlemagne's Tablecloth - available in paperback

£8.99 + P&P

US edition


Charlemagne's Tablecloth published by St Martin's Press

$24.95 plus shipping

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Out of print:


Perfect Venison. Published 1990 British Deer Farmers Association.

 A pamphlet-style collection of members' recipes collated and contributed to by Nichola Fletcher.

£2.25 + P&P                 

Poultry and Game

Venison, the Monarch of the Table. Published 1993.  The first full-length book dedicated to venison cookery. Now out of  print , but may be found on some second-hand book sites. "She writes with a knowledgeable enthusiasm beyond the usual cookery book track."  Drew Smith, The Guardian.

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The Poultry and Game Buyers Guide. Published 1995 by Emap.  Nichola Fletcher wrote the large venison section of this technical manual with Alex Bowles. Now out of print.


Game for All with a flavour of Scotland.  Published 1987, 1992, 1996, 1999. Victor Gollancz in association with Peter Crawley.

The history and cooking of game meats with sections on sauces, marinades, preparation and some excellent desserts to follow. 

"A breath of fresh air; could change your life forever"  Country Life.
"Brimming with fabulous suggestions." The Scotsman.
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